New Articles for 2018-2019

from Lambert Dolphin

Jesus is a Single Man Software not Hardware
If the Rapture Happened Today The Judgment Seat of Christ
The Exchanged Life Judgment Seat Part 2
Almighty Father The Seamy Side of Life
Intercessors The Flesh,The World, and The Devil
My Years on Oxycontin  The First Begotten
City Life God is Holy
A City in Space Psalm 45
New Bodies On Knowing God Existentially
Time Warps New Bodies for Old?
When Churches Run on Autopilot False Religion
The Excluded Ones It Takes Three to Tango
Tiers The Seven Churches in New Jerusalem
Portals Riches!
Christ in You Little Children
The Rebellious but Religious The Wife of Jehovah, The Bride of Christ
Arrested Emotional Development On Everlasting Destruction
The Left Behind The Eightfold Way to Knowing God
Circumcision Jesus Plain and Simple
The Triumphal Entry Signs of the Times, or Signs of the End?
God our Healer Isaiah as a Young Man
Logos and Sophia Rapture Shock
The 144k (The one hundred forty four thousand) The Seventy
What in the World is my Conscience? Is God Angry?
Intimacy The Light Papers
Famine in the Land Our Identity in Jesus Christ (Romans)
Jezebel and Athaliah The Royal Road to Wholeness
The Feeding of the Five Thousand The Last Church Before the Rapture
Baptism The Big Burner (Expository Preaching)
Recovery The Wasted Years
Population Decrease Ahead Near Death Experiences    
The Nature of the Flesh A Weekend with Jesus    
The Great Shepherd Gender Confusion (Introduction)
The Wednesday Brothers of Thunder Wachet Auf (Wake Up)
Prophecy Articles King Ego
Revelation from God? True or False
Born Again and Adopted The Biblically Illiterate Church
The Temple Cleansings Sacrifice Sunday
Coming Soon? (End Time) Churches as Cabals
Treasures The Great Harlot
How Saved are You? Idolatry Notes
The Approaching Time of the End Spiritual Gits and Body Life
Nations on The World Stage The Assyrian
Upper Room Prayer Cultural Christianty
Daniel Notes I The Great Generational Disconnect
Jesus, the Hound of Heaven On Lepers and Virgins
Marriage True or False? Pillars of Fire
Treasures of the House of the Lord  


Old Favorite Articles


Made in the Image of God The Uniqueness of Creation Week
The Fall of Man The Ruin of Creation
Yin, Yang, the Tao, and Wholeness New Bodies for Old
The Coming Exile in Edom Denial, Not a River in Egypt
The Great Harlot Accidents and Disasters, Does God Care?
Accidents and Disasters, Does God Care? Shebna, Eliakim and Jesus
Shebna, Eliakim and Jesus "After the Flood" by Bill Cooper
Deliberate Sin The Uniqueness of Creation Week
Daniel, Noah, and Job Relax, The End is Near
No Such Thing as Chance Love and Relationships: Song of Solomon
The Return of Jesus Power, Glory and Splendor Prayer 101
The Man of Sin Revealed Time and Eternity
New Testament Prophecy Series 42 Creation Articles
What is Light The Eye of God: Ojo de Dios
Our Collapsing Civilization Paint or Get Off the Ladder
The Coming Cosmic Shakedown Election: Has God Failed?
God and the Angels The Church at the End of the Age...
God's Rule by Means of the Angels Jehoshapthat Defeats the Porn Kings
THE Angel 0f the Lord Ezekiel and the Destruction of Jerusalem
Jesus, the Breaker The Descendents of Lot
Why A Timothy? Matters of Death and Life
Rediscovering the Body of Christ, Part 1 Jesus' Death: Six Hours of Eternity on the Cross
Rediscovering the Body of Christ, Part 2 The "Day of the Lord"
Israel, The Key to World Peace Who Owns Jerusalem
Israel's Birth Pangs Love and Relationships
World Population Since Creation Keys to the Song of Solonon
Corporate Prayer is not an Option The Underrowers
My People Perish: The Biblically Illiterate Church Original Sin
The Consequence Engine The Names of God
Daniel to Malachi Series New Testament Prophecy Series
How God Saves God's Long Term Purpose for Israel
Jesus as the Greater Moses Israel is the Key to World Peace
Trips to Mexico (Discovery International) Ted Wise and Lambert Dolphin Visit India
Geophsical Explorations in Egypt Geophyscial Exploration in Israel
Geophysics and the Temple Mount War and Violence
False Messiahs, Antichrists and Modern Caesars The Ruthlessness of God
The Pilgrim Journey, Entering God's Rest The Content of the Gospel
Idolatry Notes Jesus, Greater than Moses
Jesus is Courting a Bride The Return of the Landlord
Love Your Enemies The Faithfulness of God
What is the Human Condition? The Day of the Lord
The Rapture and the Second Coming The Day of Man and the Day of the Lord
Unmasking the Flesh Favorite Quotations
The Eightfold Way to Knowing God The Sabbath Rest
Dynamic Salvation Jesus, Judge of All
The Ruthlessness of God Cole Porter: What is this Thing Called Love?
Certain Inalienable Rights... The Consequence Engine
The Rogue River Fellowship Archives Pornography and the Church
The Concept of the Remnant  


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