After the Flood, by Bill Cooper

Appendix 11


In the above table, I have brought together the genealogies contained in no less than five diverse and ancient sources which show the descent of certain early patriarchs. Three of those sources begin with the same original, namely Japheth, otherwise remembered as Jupiter amongst the ancient and pagan Latin races, thus demonstrating beyond any reasonable doubt that Japheth was synonymous with Jupiter. And two of them end with Brutus, the eponymous founder of the early Britons. All of the sources differ from one another in many and various points, which rules out inter-dependency or copying. However, they also agree on many independent points, which demonstrates the historicity of the patriarchs listed. If it were at all possible to cite a comparable case where such ancient patriarchs are commonly listed amongst such diverse and independent sources, there can be little doubt that their historicity would be accepted without question amongst modern scholars. After all, the historicity of many other characters from the ancient world is accepted on much less evidence than this. Indeed, their historicity is accepted, more often than not, merely upon the single appearance of a name, without any other corroborative evidence being required. And yet the above genealogies that present the historian with such uniquely comprehensive and corroborative evidence are commonly listed as myth and fable. Perhaps the reason for this is better pondered upon than stated.

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