Josh Davis, 16, is a great Christian friend of mine from Perris, California


Josh Davis


Who is God and what does he want with me? This is a question that plagued me for 15 years of my life. This Jesus and his salvation was the farthest thing from my mind just a couple months ago. Now I am ready to serve my King in whatever way he sees fit for me.

I was born and raised in the southern part of California. I was always knew the Word and the way I should run my life but I never gave the keys of my heart over to the Lord. At age four I went to the island of Guam where my father was an ordained pastor. I spent two years there before coming back to the states. In these early years I always wanted to have a good time not worrying about my spirituality or really caring. I was an ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) kid and a very bad case to say the least. Very Hyperactive at School I was not liked very much and was made fun of quite frequently. Taking Ritlin and Cylert I was a very messed up kid. Then God decided He wanted to work a miracle in my life to get my attention. Almost overnight I was totally cured of my ADD. I didn't really appreciate the magnitude of this blessing.

When I was about twelve I (as so many boys do) went through that discouraging thing they call puberty. At first the only problem I had was that I had to keep my voice from cracking. But then I had a whole new set of problems to deal with. And of coarse I tried to deal with them myself instead of letting God take the reins. I suddenly knew allot more than my Dad did and this of coarse raised conflict after conflict in how I was to be raised. Problem after problem led to me getting kicked out and me running away more times then I can count on fingers and toes. After the favors eventually ran out and I was on my last chance a whole new sin opened up to which is sex. I got into a relationship with a very nice and very beautiful Christian girl. One that my parents approved of very much. But as time wore on and making out lost it's luster I began to take more and more liberties in where my hands went. Pretty soon we were living together with her parents (Who trusted me too much) and having sex up to three times a day. Also she introduced me to the world of perception drugs, such as vicodin, prozac, and others I was too messed up to remember the names of. After about seven months of this situation, I realized that my life was going no where and that this sin of mine was the vessel of destruction. So taking the initiative I broke the relationship off. Only to see that my life was a shambles without Christ. I not too long after that got involved with another girl that would have taken me the same places. So one night my mother and I got into an altercation and I, being strung out on drugs, pulled a knife on her leaving her hysterical.

Being still rebellious and ungodly I was put by my parents in a drug and alcohol rehabilitation program called U turn for Christ. I went in a punk kid and the spirit got hold of me like no ones business. He was blessing me all over and teaching me new things every day. I got off the drugs and now have a great relationship with my parents that I wouldn't have had if I didn't et God take control. I encourage each one of you to keep the faith and let God do mighty things in your life. He has an awesome plan for each one of you and wants to bless you and love you more than any human can understand. I love you all. And would like to see you all in heaven. BYE BYE

June 20, 1998

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