Peninsula Bible Church Forum Class     February - April 2012

The Book of Ephesians

"The Epistle to the Church"

Bible Picture

The Apostle Paul brought to Western Asia and Europe the message that Jesus Christ had come into the world as God’s next step towards the restoration of mankind from the ruin of the Fall. The Apostle spoke for three months in the local synagogue and then continued from 11-4 daily in the Hall of Tyrannus (a school). The brilliant epistle written in AD 61 presents God’s complete package solution in a series of long sweeping statements (Chapter One). Chapter 2 gives us the contrast showing man’s hopeless condition brought on by the Fall.

The new plan for man has equal benefits for everyone: for both sexes, all races, for Jews and Gentiles alike. Chapter 4 announces a new entity to believers in the Old Testament. Jesus Himself had brought all believers together into a connected body, an organism, the church. Having presented God’s amazing and liberating gifts to all who are willing to follow Christ, Paul shows us step by step how we are to align ourselves with Christ as He moves to liberate mankind and bring in His kingdom rule on earth.

Audio Recordings of Ephesians Forum Class (2012)

Week Date Chapter(s) Title Duration MP3 Audio File
1 Feb 26 1 Magnificient Promises from God to Man 1:04 listen
2 Mar 4 2 The Desperate Need of all Mankind & the Cure 1:02 listen
3 Mar 11 2 The Unity and Diversity of All Who are in Christ 1:02 listen
4 Mar 19 3 God's Universal Family 81:03 listen
5 Mar 25 4 Lives Radically Changed in Union with Jesus 1:02 listen
6 Apr 1 4 One Tri-Unity Calling All to Truth and Love 1:05 listen
7 Apr 22 4 A Radical Lifestyle 1:05 listen
8 Apr 29 5 Living as Light, Submission, Husbands & Wives 57 minutes listen
9 May 7 5 Be "Arranged Under" Christ   (with Jon Anacker) 24 minutes listen
10 May 14 6 There's A War On Folks 1:03 listen
11 May 20 Acts 18-20 Background of Ephesians 54 minutes listen

Ray Stedman's Complete Messages on Ephesians

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