Historic Papers on Geocentricity

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About Scientiic (and theological) aspects of geocentricity

Recanting Galileo - Solange Strong Hertz

The Scientific Illusion - Solange Strong Hertz

The Labour of the Sun - Walter van der Kamp

The Motionless Earth at the Centre of the Universe - Yves Nourissat

The Theological Status of Heliocentrism - J. S. Daly

What's Up - Solange Strong Hertz

Against the Doctrine of the Earths Movement - Rev. William W. Roberts

Athanasius Kircher - John W. DeTar

Evolution and Cosmogony - Walter van der Kamp

Evolutionism & a-centrism - Paul Ellwanger

Comments on some allegations that the Church's 1616 Decree against Heliocentrism is not Binding - Paul Ellwanger

Geocentricity and the Catholic

Galileo's Empiricism - and Beyond - Paula Haigh

Galileo's Heresy - Paula Haigh

What It / Is It Infallible - Paula Haigh

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August 2, 2003.