God decreed the stars their courses,
And each atom still sustains;
Yet He sees our strife and turmoil,
And is touched by all our pains.
Galaxies whirl at His bidding,
Majestic in the depths of space;
Yet the Infinite became an Infant,
See how measureless His grace.

Golden language can't describe it;
God so Loved us, full and free.
He left all of Heaven's beauty
For the stable, you, and me.
He Who upheld all the Cosmos
Then was held in Mary's arms;
Swaddling bands replaced His Glory;
But the Angels still sang psalms.

Though Christ reigned supreme in Heaven,
He was mocked in Pilate's hall.
The Prince of Life came for to save us,
So He died outside the wall.
But He rose, was seen, ascended;
Soon He'll rule this earth with power.
Like the Wise Men, worship Jesus
As your King this very hour.

Barry Setterfield 1999

Barry Setterfield Library)


Lambert's Library