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This CD Rom is designed to be used with your favorite web browser. No files need to be copied onto your hard disk. If you use Internet and a web browser, remember that this CD acts like a self-contained web site.

The files have been tested using the Netscape and Microsoft Internet Explorer Browsers. There are actually three file system directories on this CD so that this CD should be fully Mac/WindowsNT/Windows95 compatible.

Getting Started: Simply go to the OPEN FILE selection (FILE Menu) on your web browser and open the file called "index.html" which is on the CD outside of the CD's internal folders. Do not double click on "index.html" as you would if this file were a launchable program. Your web browser does all the work. Again, be sure and OPEN FILE on your web browser.

Resist the temptation to load any other files first! Start with the main index file, index.html, and go from there to the library or file of your choice by clicking on the internal links on the pages one by one. If this page is loaded on your browser click here to load the index file.

Each file page, beginning with the index.html page, contains internal links which take you to the various files on this disk. Use the BACK button on your browser to move back to the index page of the series you are interested in. Of course you may access any files on the CD directly once you know your way around, and you may Bookmark your favorite pages on your browser when you find something you want to go back to. But if you get "lost" you may find the internal links on the CD are not always as complete as you might wish for. Thus we strongly recommend loading the web site from the CDs "Home Page," the file index.html. See below for a caution: some of the links on this CD are not local links to other locations on this CD, but will take you directly onto Internet.

Search Engine: All the 1800+ messages on this CD are available in HTML format for reading and printing from your web browser. The same messages are ALSO available in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. PDF files allow for better quality printing--and the PDF files have also been indexed using Adobe Acrobat Catalog 3.0. A copy of Acrobat Reader 3.01 for Macintosh and a copy for Windows 95 and NT have been included on this CD for your convenience. Or, you may download a free copy of Acrobat Reader (with Search) from Install the appropriate version of Acrobat Reader on your hard drive, then with Reader open, select the index.pdx file (in the www.pbc.pbc folder on the CD) and use the Acrobat Reader key word search features to locate topics and messages in the PDF libraries. (The Search program is in Reader under "Tools.") Load the index.pdx file before starting your key word search. When your keyword search is complete you may click on the entries to open the files in PDF format. You may choose "Next Document" or "Previous Document" to browse through the files which were returned in response to your query. Acrobat Reader has convenient help files for further information on using this search engine.

The directory structure of the files on this CD are virtually the same as they are on the PBC on-line web pages. Visit the on-line web sites of this CD for updates, FAQs and recent additions and changes, or to send email to the webmasters or librarian. For instance this web site has only 125 messages in RealAudio (due to space limitations)--however more than 1000 RealAudio and RealVideo messages are available online. The online PBC web site is constantly being enlarged and revised. In addition our Sunday services and special events are broadcast live on Internet.

NOTE: Some of the links on this CD (usually these links are near the bottom of a page) are absolute URL links. (They will begin with "http://..." whereas internal links on this CD start with "file://...")These external URLs are intended to take you to the on-line library. Do not select these links unless you wish to log on to Internet and to go the actual on-line web site indicated. You can, of course, use this CD while logged on to Internet, but usually you will probably want to use the files "off-line." Go on-line if you wish to visit a web site that is external to this CD. If you wish to see if a given link on this CD is "local" or "absolute" select the link with your mouse, but do not click on it. Look in the window at the bottom or your browser and the actual URL will be displayed there.

This CD contains a number of RealAudio files. When you select a RealAudio file by clicking on its link, your computer will (in most cases) download a file ending with ".ra" or ".rm" to your desktop, or to another directory on your hard drive. This file can then be played (or automatically loaded)--provided you have a RealAudio Player installed on your computer. This software, RealPlayer, for PC or Mac is available from, and may be downloaded from Internet. The simpler version, RealPlayer is free. Real Player Plus offers a number of additional features and is well worth its modest purchase price. Be sure to delete any .ra or .rm files from your hard drive after use to avoid filling up your hard drive.

This CD is copyrighted, so you may not reproduce it in printed form or electronic format for sale or commercial use without written permission. You are, however, welcome to copy and use any of the individual files on this disk, subject to the copyright notice which appears at the end of each sermon. Basically our copyright prohibits commercial use without written permission, but we encourage the widest possible non-commercial distribution of our materials free of charge. If in doubt about permissions, please contact Discovery Publishing, 3505 Middlefield Road, Palo Alto, California 94306. Phone: 1- (650) 494-0623: Fax1- (650) 494-1268.

Recorded on a Power Macintosh 9500 using Adaptec Toast 3.5.5 software for the Macintosh. Tested using Netscape 4.5 and Internet Explorer 4.01. The format on this CD is Mac/ISO Hybrid (Macintosh/WINDOWS 95 or NT). That is, there are three directories on the CD all pointing to one set of files.

Produced by Jim Milligan (, Michael Kollen (, and Lambert Dolphin (

Volume I, version 1.0 - September 1997.

Version 2.0 - December 5, 1998.

A FAQ page is maintained on the PBC web site,

Special Problems? Email PBC Webmaster. Or, contact Discovery Publishing by email.