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You may listen to these selected messages in RealAudio format. This free program (for Mac, Unix, or PC) may be downloaded from RealAudio, ( . RealAudio runs in the background on your computer so you may listen to these messages while working on other tasks. RealPlayer Plus is an advanced version of RealPlayer available at a nominal cost.

Selected RealAudio Messages

Series Title Scripture/Topic Covered Author Messages
Behind Suffering Job Ray C. Stedman 12
The Things That Don't Work Ecclesiastes Ray C. Stedman 11
Behind the Scenes of History Matthew 13 Ray C. Stedman 9
The Gospel of John John Ray C. Stedman 48
Secrets of the Spirit John 14-17 Ray C. Stedman 12
Paul's Second Epistle to the Corinthians Second Corinthians Ray C. Stedman 23
Foundational Pillars of Faith A Study of the Doctrinal Statement of Peninsula Bible Church. Ray C. Stedman 10
 The Fate of the Earth  Overview of Prophecy Series  Ray C. Stedman  4

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