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To Make Ready a People Prepared for the Lord, (3896-3899), 4 messages

Two Individual Messages:

The Reality and Responsibility of Unity, (Various scriptures) 2 messages

Surving Turbulent Times, Isaiah, (4285-4288), 4 messages

Jeremiah (4310-4312), 3 messages

Suffering, 1 Peter, (4322-4326), 5 messages

Ambassador for Christ, Jonah, (4342-4345), 4 messages

Tough Faith, Psalms (4379-4382, 4 messages)

Unbroken Love, Hosea (14 messages, 4389-4402)

Songs of the Savior, Psalms, (4424-4430) 7 messages

A Communion Message

A Single Message

Joshua - The Adventure and Victory of Faith (4454-4472) 23 messages

First Corinthians

Pride and Predjudice in the Church (4508-4519)

Moral and Ethical Issues in the Church (4518-4520)

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