Forum Class PBC of Palo Alto, Fall 2006.  Lambert Dolphin, teacher


The Book of Job






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Oct. 8

Job 1-2

Behind the Scenes of Life

DP #3540


Oct. 15

Job 3-7

When Sudden Disasters Happen

DP #3541


Oct. 22

Job 8-14

 Would It Be Better Not to Have Been Born?

DP #3542


Oct. 29

Job 13-19

Irrelevant Truth from Friends

DP #3543


Nov. 5

No Class


Nov. 12

Job 20-26

Crying Out To God

DP #3554


Nov. 19

Job 27-32

Where is God When I Need Him Most?

DP #3545


Nov. 26

Job 32-33

Self Defense Does not Resolve the Problem

DP #3546


Dec. 3

Job 34-37

True Truth From a Young Man

DP #3547


Dec. 10

Job 38

Is Your God Big Enough?

DP #3548


Dec. 17

Job 39

God Answers Job

DP #3549


Dec. 24

No Class


Dec. 31

No Class


Jan. 7

Job 40-41

The Awesomeness of the Real God

DP #3550


Jan. 14

Job 42

Job's Fresh New Start

DP #3551


Jan. 21

Other *

Life Brings All Manner of Trials and Suffering

DP #3552 DP #3553

Notes on Suffering


Ray Stedman's messages on Job, Beyond Suffering, are also available in mp3 audio at


Full set of printed Stedman sermon series on Job are available for $3.00 per set in class or at the DP bookstore.


Cassette tapes available from Discovery Publishing for $3.00 plus $1.50 postage if mailed.


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Some good commentaries: Roy B. Zuck, Job, and Sitting With Job; Francis I. Anderson, Job; Charles Swindoll, Great Lives: Job. Available from


* Because we will discuss various forms of suffering the following books are suggested as a start: Is God to Blame? Beyond Pat Answers to the problem of Suffering, by Gregory A. Boyd, IV Press, 2003 and How Long O Lord? Reflections on Suffering and Evil, by D.A. Carson, Baker Books 2006.