Gifts And Talents From God

by Kenny Wells

My Talent/Gift

To start off, I would like to say, whatever gift or talent you have, use it for God. By no means am I bragging, please don't misread me, but God has given me a talent for music-more appropriately, a love for music. If God has given you a desire and a talent, do it! The Bible doesn't mention it as one of the "spiritual gifts," but it is a talent and those having that talent should use it. I have often heard that if you don't use your talent or spiritual gift-also, if you don't use it for His glory, not yourself-then he will often take that talent away. I play trumpet in the marching band at our high school; I also play the trumpet (and Euphonium-an instrument whose range is higher than a Bass, but lower than a Tenor) along with another "trumpeter" at church. Remember, Jesus Christ is, after all, the Vinedresser! He's not going to allow something in our life that isn't in His will. Also, I earnestly feel that God has given me the knowledge enough to teach. I believe teaching is my spiritual gift, and it IS listed in the Bible. I may do a little more later, like preach or something, but right now, He hasn't called me to do so. Christians, pray for me.

Answer To Unbelief In Your Gift/Talent

You may be saying, "but I can't do it." That's exactly the purpose. We're not supposed to be able to do it. I am by no means an expert on this area. I sang a solo one time and I never have since. It's just not me, I figured that out. Nor do I have any desire to sing a solo again. I think the Lord wants me in choir-that much I do know, but that's about where it ends. Likewise, I do feel He has given me much more ability on the trumpet than he has my singing voice! That's why I like the trumpet. If I even may be honest for a moment, I don't even know if I'll be a choir director! That's what Kenny Wells would like for Kenny to do, but I don't believe that's what Jesus Christ wants Kenny to do. He may change my mind again later; I'm just trying to be patient in seeking His perfect will.

Molding The Talent

Back to the ability part! It is when God gets you in the state that you don't think you can do it, that is when He can greatly use you. The summer before I started my second year in band, I played at church, with only one year of experience "under my belt." I know I don't sound perfect today, but back then, I probably wouldn't have wanted to listen to Kenny Wells! Then, I kept practicing my talent for God and I've finally reached the point in my ability that I can play most of the songs in our hymnal with ease. God blesses those who seek Him!!!

Moses: A biblical example of a man's talent, and his unbelief

Let's move to a Biblical example. Try Moses for instance. What did he tell God? I can imagine it being something like, "Lord, I'm not a public speaker...and...and you know I...I...stutter a little. How...I mean...why would you want these lips of mine?" Then God says something similar to, "Hey Moses. Tell me, who made the deaf man deaf, and all the blind, didn't I, the Lord your God make them? Just do as I tell you and I promise, I will be with your lips and show you what to say." [If you so desire, you can read the story the way it was really written, not my simple paraphrase. This single event is found in Exodus 4:10-13.] A second later, Moses pleads with God to get Him to send someone else. The Bible tells us in Ex. 4:14 that, "the anger of the Lord was kindled against Moses..." A moment later, we see that "He [Aaron] shall be thy spokesman unto the people..." So, God still used Moses, just not as a great orator or anything, Aaron was just simply the outlet from the people that came from Moses which was sent to Moses by the Heavenly Father. What I mean is: God talked with Moses, Moses talked with Aaron, and Aaron presented the matters before the Pharaoh. I may be reading a little too much into this Biblical event, but it is something to think about. We should be willing to serve our Creator!

A Christian Already Possesses A Spiritual Gift

Likewise it is important for us not to abuse the spiritual gifts He has given us. 1 Peter 4:10 informs us that, "As every man hath received the gift, even so minister the same one to another, as good stewards of the manifold grace of God. Now, we sort of switch topics from talents to gifts. A spiritual gift can be at least one of the following:

Evangelism, prophecy, teaching, exhortation, pastor/teacher, mercy, servitude, giving, and administration. This list was made by a "Spiritual Gifts Inventory" test I took to help me better know what areas I am suited for. There may be more spiritual gifts. I do not agree with the contemporary use of tongues, to make that point clear. Likewise, you already have a spiritual gift, Christian. God gave it to you the moment you became a Child of God, and quite possibly before the "foundation of the world." In Revelations 13:8 it tells us that the names in the Lamb's book of life (where the names of the Christians are) were written in there before the world's foundation. So, God knows who's going to receive Him as Lord & Savior, and who is not. He has had a plan ready for you life and is continually trying to motivate you to develop that talent or gift.

Determining Your Gift-A Test, Prayer, Bible Study, etc.

I encourage you to take a spiritual gifts "test." By no means is it a definite thing; it simply gives you an idea. For example, the area I scored highest in, is an area the Lord has not led me to pursue just yet. It is my firm belief that I will probably end up using that particular gift or one like it. I would be weary of some tests though. The test I took is pretty reliable. It was by Dr. Larry Gilbert. Check it out if you can find it! The address is: Church Growth Institute, P.O. Box 7000, Forest, VA 24551. It is designed so as to need a teacher, so tell your Sunday school teacher about it! Also, be sure to pray about it! Search the Bible and find out what these different gifts are, and what they mean.

Why Are Gifts Important

It is important to know how God can use you! Imagine having a building full of doctors, scientists, government officials, artists, teachers, etc. and none of them had a job. It is totally ludicrous to think same thing about God's People. Does He call us to be His own, only to find us doing little more than sitting in a pew on Sunday and consider that a service. What happens on the battlefield proves a true soldier. Jesus didn't just put on a show and act holy on Sunday (or in His case, the Sabbath). I'm not being harsh, I'm being real. It is time that Christians, MYSELF INCLUDED, stop doing "nothing," and start doing "something." Think about it Brother, think about it Sister, the Savior of the Universe died for YOU! Can WE ever do enough to repay Him? No!

Are You A Casual Christian?

This may be a reason you aren't using your spiritual gift. If I may ask, for a moment, are you a casual Christian? Not that I have arrived in my Spiritual Walk yet or anything but I've been there and I know how it feels; I'm not a super Christian or anything, but I'm not as bad as I was. I know how it is to use church as a social event, or be involved because you're made to go. You might not know this, but I was "THE PASTOR'S SON!" while my dad pastored a church in Dalton, GA, in the northern part of Georgia (USA). I was also saved at an early age, and church has always been a part of my life (some times more than others). I know how easy it is for Christians to become complacent. I still consider myself to be complacent in some areas. I wish I could motivate others more easily. Whatever you do, DON'T PLAY GAMES WITH GOD! Ladies and Gentlemen, HE KNOWS YOUR HEART! Nothing could make Him more happy about the way you live your life guessed live it FOR HIM! I know I don't live it solely for Him, but I'm learning, and like I said, I'm sure not as bad as I was.


If you don't have a desire to do the Lord's will, pray for one. You might not even be a Christian. If you know you are, then there could also just be sin in your life. I have a problem with this one. I want to be totally committed to My Lord, but some sin always keeps rearing its ugly head to stop me. I don't think we'll ever have FULL control over sin while living on this Earth, but we should constantly strive to be that way. God cannot use a dirty vessel! If you try to clean your life up, Christians, than He'll see your efforts to get right with Him, and He'll help you become "fired-up" like you once were. He'll restore the joy you had when you first got saved!!!

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May 19, 1998.

Christians: may god guide, bless, and keep you in his will!

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