Dear friends,

We thank our Father for placing you in our lives as supporters and rallying members of THE PAD. The home in which you stand is just that ñ a home. We stand as brothers in and with Christ Jesus, and we kneel as servants before you and before God. Our prayer is that all persons entering this home will know that Christ is exalted in this place; His name will be lifted up minute by minute, day in and day out. We are an elite group of soldiers. We stand for nothing short of Christ.

If you have come this far into this home and are reading through this note, then the same excitement has begun to ember in your heart and mind that is shared with this group of elite. This is good. As you are reading this note, there is a constant flux of soldiers, moving back and forth into the theatre of Ft. Hood, thousands of lost, sick, and dead souls silently crying out for a sign of hope. They are seeking something to hold to, to call there own, a faith, and an outlook. They are seeking a leader, and in their silence they are crying out for God. Now, as we converge onto the blood stained battlefield of Ft. Hood, we are calling all citizens of the Kingdom to take up arms and shield along with us in prayer, fasting, witness and fellowship, as we root ourselves in the Word, stand firm in assurance- ñ- blameless before God.

Friends, today we embark on a great adventure. As we press on to tomorrow in the hope of our Lordís glorious return, we, the elite, are steeped in the execution phase of Godís will here at Ft. Hood. These are days of triumph for our Lord, and we are in a state of constant appeal to God for the lives of soldiers. We do not claim to have fathomed the depth of God; we do however claim to know Him and we will boast of this. We are not ashamed to lower our hearts to expose our weaknesses for Godís power is made perfect in weakness; on the other side of the coin, we are not afraid to take up arms and shield to battle on the plane of our Savior. We have come to serve just as Christ has served and to give our lives not as ransom, but as gifts. We rally behind the guidon known as the Lamb of God and seek to live lives worthy of His name.

Your brothers and servants in Christ...

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