Peninsula Bible Church Forum Class January-July 2006

The Gospel of Luke

""The Son of Man came to seek and to save that which was lost"

 Class Number  Date  Subject  Chapters
and Notes
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 Audio mp3 Lapel Mike Recording

 Part I The Arrival of the Son of Man (Chapters 1-4)

 1  January 8  The Son of Man identifies with Men  Chapter 1  luke01.mp3


 2  January 15  The Arrival of the Son of Man  Chapters 2-3  luke02.mp3


 Part II The Son of Man Seeks and Serves (Chapters 4-19)

 3  January 22  The Temptation and a Visit to Nazareth  Chapters 4-5 luke03.mp3 


 -  January 29  NO CLASS (Child Dedication)      
 4  February 5  The Authority of the Son of Man  Chapters 5-6a luke04.mp3 


 -  February 12

 no Class

 5  February 19  First challenges to the religious establishment   Chapters 6b luke05.mp3 


 6  February 26 His Power over sickness and death  Chapters 7 luke06.mp3 


 7  March 5   Teaching by Parables  Chapter 8 luke07.mp3 


8  March 12 The Disciples' practice sessions,
Caesarea Philippi
 Chapter 9 luke08.mp3


  9  March 19   Samaria and Bethany  Chapters 10 luke09.mp3 


 10  March 26 National rejection sets in  Chapters 11 luke10.mp3 


 11  April 2   Great teaching by the rejected Messiah  Chapter 12 luke11.mp3 



  April 9

 PALM SUNDAY: Class Singing Time Together

 - April 16


 12  April 23 Enroute to Jerusalem: Radical calls to all men  Chapters 13  luke12.mp3 



  April 30

 no class


May 7

Problems with People. Lunch with some Pharisees

 Chapter 14



 14 May 14  The Four Lost Things  Chapters 15  luke14.mp3


  15  May 21 What to Do With Money   Chapter 16  luke15.mp3 


 16   May 28 Great Teachings: Forgiveness, Service, Gratitude, the Kingdom
[Steve Holmlund]
Chapter 17



 June 4

 All-Church Fellowship and Baptism


 June 11

Great Teachings: Prayer, Entering the Kingdom, Salvation 

Chapter 17- 18



18   June 18  In Jericho, up to Bethany then Jerusalem Chapter 18 - 19   luke18.mp3


    Part III The Son of Man in Jerusalem (Chapters 20-24)

  19 June 25 Jerusalem: Arrival from Jericho, "Triumphal Entry" on Sunday   Chapters 19-20  luke19.mp3 



  July 2

Holiday Weekend: No Class


  July 9

 Jerusalem: Passion Week, Monday/Tuesday

 Chapter 20




 July 16

 Jerusalem: The Olivet Discourse, Wednesday

 Chapter 21




 July 23

 Jerusalem: Trial and Crucifixion

 Chaper 22-23




July 30

 The Son of Man: Victor over Death

 Chapter 24



The mp3 files listed in the Column 5 were recorded on an Apple iPod--which picks up comments and questions from the audience. The overall quality is fair.

Full-quality, lapel-miked mp3 files are listed in the Column Six.

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The entire series of 23-week messages in mp3 audio format on Luke's gospel on a CD will be available shortly from Discovery Publishing.


Survey of Luke by Ray Stedman, The Perfect Man,
Treasures of the Parable, by Ray Stedman,
Online Studies of Luke, Bob Deffinbaugh,
A Harmony of the Gospels,
William Barclay on Luke:
Genealogy from Adam to Jesus,
Class MP3 audio files:
Jesus Death: Six Hours of Eternity on the Cross,

Some Recommended Commentaries: H.A. Ironside, Leon Morris, Kent Hughes, Bible Knowledge Commentary (Walvoord et. al.); A. T. Robertson, Luke; G. Campbell Morgan, Luke..
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December 28, 2005. Updated August 6, 2006.