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If the Rapture Happened Today

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Book: Thy Kingdom Come, Thy Will be Done by Ron Graff & Lambert Dolphin

The New Covenant — Entering In
Lambert's Chart of the End Times
End-Times Terms

There's a War On, Folks! (The Church and the Tribulation)
The Coming Cosmic Shakedown
What Bible Prophecy is NOT!
Biblical Terms referring to the End of the Age
Chronology of the Time of the Gentiles
The Rapture of the Church
Preterism and the Confused Sea of Modern Eschatology
The Judgment Seat of Christ (1993, 2003)
Aspects of the Second Coming
The Appearing and the Coming of Christ
Jesus the Judge of All
The Judgment of the Great White Throne
What is Heaven Like?
On Everlasting Destruction
The Great and Terrible Day of the Lord
Jesus and His Church during the Tribulation
History and Final Destiny of Edom
Jesus the Avenger of Blood
The Church at the End of the Age
What (in the world) is the Church?
Reforming the Church
The Concept of the Remnant
The Coming Marriage Feast of Jesus Christ
The Theme of the Great Harlot
The Antichrist in Scripture
False Messiahs and Counterfeit World Leaders
Jerusalem Above, Jerusalem Below
Hosea and Israel's Future
Israel is the Key to World Peace
Sacrifice Sunday
Capital Offenses
Chronology for the Times of the Gentiles
Second Temple Times
The Destruction of the Second Temple
Ezekiel and the Destruction of Jerusalem
Jesus the Shepherd King
Brief History of Edom
The Worthless Shepherd
New Testament Prophecy
The Rapture of the Church
The Coming Cosmic Shakedown
God and the Angels
The Angel of the Lord
Hosea and Israel’s Future
Notes on Habakkuk
Relevant Words from Five Obscure Prophets
The Coming Exile of Israel in Edom
The Mainline Covenants
The Day of the Lord
Signs of the Time or Signs of the End of the Age?
Two Aspects of the Returning of the Lord Jesus Christ
Jesus and His Church during the Tribulation
The Second Advent of Jesus Christ
God Leaves and Returns Again
The Day of the Lord
The Man of Sin Revealed
The Rapture of the Church
The Coming of the King of Kings
Jesus as the Greater Moses
Keeping Ready for the Coming of the Lord
Signs of the Times or Signs of the End?
The Day of Man and the Day of the Lord
The Church at the End of the Age...
The Biblically Illiterate Church
What is a Covenant?
The Main Covenants of God
God’s Land, God’s People
The Concept of a Remnant
Israel’s Birth Pangs
Who Owns Jerusalem
Israel, the Church and the USA Compared
Note on Toppling Strongholds
There’s a War On Folks
Earthquakes and the Bible
The Elements if the World System


Zechariah by Clarence Wagner
The Seventy Weeks of Daniel (Thomas Ice)
The Rapture and Glorious Appearing of Jesus Christ (Ed Hindson)
Behind History by Ray C. Stedman, (Matthew 13)
Death of a Nation by Ray C. Stedman, (Jeremiah)
Bible Prophecy Messages, by Ray C. Stedman
Israel and the New Covenant by Ray C. Stedman
The 400 Silent Years by Ray C. Stedman
Daniel by Ray C. Stedman
Isaiah by Ray C. Stedman
The Olivet Discourse by Ray C. Stedman

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