by David H. Roper

David Roper preached these 16 messages (3051-3066) in 1973 at Peninsula Bible Church in Palo Alto, California.

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1 Balaam: The Light That Was Darkness (Num 22:1-25:18) (DP #3051) 9 King Solomon's Ring (I Kings 3) (DP #3059)
2 Cain And Able (Gen 4:1-26) (DP #3052) 10 Jeroboam (I Kings 11-14) (DP #3060)
3 Saul: His Election To The Throne (I Sam 8-12) (DP #3053) 11 Rehoboam (I Kings 14:21-31) (DP #3061)
4 Saul: His Deflection From The Course (I Sam 13-15) (DP #3054) 12 Jehoshaphat (II Chron 17:1-20:38) (DP #3062)
5 David And Goliath (DP #3055) 13 A Day In The Life Of Jehoshaphat (II Chron 20) (DP #3063)
6 Jonathan And David (I Sam 18-20) (DP #3056) 14 Prophet Or Loss (Deut 18:9-22) (DP #3064)
7 David And Abigail (I Sam 25) (DP #3057) 15 Emmanuel (Isaiah 7-9) (DP #3065)
8 The Key Of David (II Sam 7) (DP #3058) 16 Shekinah (Num 9:15-23) (DP #3066)

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