Peninsula BIble Church of Palo Alto, California


The Rogue River Fellowship

Under the initiation of Doug Shearer, senior pastor of New Hope Christian Fellowship of Sacramento, CA, we are unofficially representing a broad section of evangelical traditions to address various practices and beliefs in the churches. Our common burden is to address such contemporary church issues as demonic deliverance, political involvement, inner healing, modern day prophecy, worship styles, etc. One goal is to make statements where we all agree on both rights and wrongs in these areas. We intend to address issues and practices rather than specific groups. We are amazed to find how much agreement we can get on issues such as binding demons, an area where there are vast differences within the group.

The name "Rogue Fellowship" may come from the character of the participants, the character ofthe heterodoxies and heteropraxies we hope to define, or from the fact that we first met in Ray Stedman's house overlooking the Rogue River in Grants Pass, Oregon.



Published Papers

I. Who's messing With Your Mind:
Facing Recurring Which Trouble the Church Heresies

II. Deliverance Ministry

III. The Mission of the Church

IV. Nature of the Church

V. Sanctification I

VI. Sanctification II


Originated September 12, 1998.

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