A Statement and Challenge to Dr. Hugh Ross


Dear friends:

Bill Donahue was kind enough to send me a copy of his attempt to make sense
of Hugh Ross's latest criticisms of my cosmology. However, neither Bill
nor any other non-expert needs to feel obligated to answer Ross, because
Ross is avoiding the proper way to make such criticisms --- to publish them
in his own name in a peer-reviewed scientific journal.

The closest he has come to that is to encourage an ex-graduate student (Mr.
Samuel Conner) to publish a critique in the Australian *Creation Ex Nihilo
Technical Journal* last summer. I answered that critique in the same
issue. If Ross feels he must add to that critique, then he should publish
one in his own name in that or a similar journal.

In December 1998, I challenged Ross to do so, but his January 1999 letter
to me completely ignores my challenge. Ross seems to want his audiences to
think he is "debating" me, but he is choosing ways which minimumize the
possibility of him being publicly embarrassed in print.

Thus my recommendation for you, Bill, and for anyone else faced with Ross's
claims, is to repeat my challenge to Ross. Make him quit hiding behind a
college dropout, lay audiences, and back-door backbiting. Make him come
out in the open and risk the embarrassment of being shown wrong. Make him
challenge scientific theories the way real scientists do: in writing, in
his own name, in a peer-reviewed scientific journal. Hold his feet to the

Cordially in Christ,

Dr. Russ Humphreys (drhumph@SWCP.COM)

January 30, 1999

(I'm forwarding a copy of this to Ross through one of his helpers.)