Shalom from Jerusalem


Yes friends, Yeshua is returning soon, and there is water on the Temple

There is also Diet Pepsi, Sprite, CocaCola, Fanta, Grapefruit, and I
think you can even find some fresh-squeezed orange juice!

There has ALWAYS been water on the Temple Mount. During the days of the
Temple Service, how do you think we cleaned up all the blood from the

Yep, that's right... we used WATER. Water came from under the Rocks...
but shhhh.... don't spread this news around too much, or else Moshe and
Eliyahu might find out, and they will try to take the credit for
bringing the water.

But seriously, the water on the Temple Mount that all these crazy
prophecy hacks are talking about these days... was actually brought up
there by Jerusalem's Public Works Department.

The Arabs use it to water their gardens and trees, and they have a
drinking fountain or two up there. There are also toilets. You have to
have toilets for all the worshipers. And don't forget that all them
Arabs have dirty feet. You can't just go and worship at El Aksa with
dirty feet. You have to wash your them! So, they have water, and they
have water hoses, and sometimes they even have water pumps.

Now, one day soon, when the Mashiach returns, well... He is going to
cancel the water subscription from the City, and bring some up instead,
right from the Gichon Spring, which flows well under the bedrock of the
Temple Mount.

When that happens, believe me, you won't need me to tell you about it.
Just in case you will miss it, we can arrange to send you an eMail or
something. In the meantime, just keep your eyes focused on Jerusalem,
and chances are that you won't miss this event.

Instead of looking for Moshe or Eliyahu, like Mr. Jim Searcy and his
friends want us to do, we should be paying more attention to the Torah,
especially with regard to its prohibitions against sorcery, false
prophets, witchcraft and divination.

Searcy & Company need to grow up a lot in this regard. You can check
out their childish lunacy on the WEB at:

Its funny how these armatures fool around with prophecy they don't
understand, and actually cook up some strange tasting spiritual soup
that they dish up to the world. Be careful though. Its all poison, to
be sure.

This character they call Elijah the Tishbite, running around these days
in Jerusalem... well, you need to know that his real name is Ernie, and
I think he is from either Texas or Florida. He is NOT Jewish, and he
doesn't speak a word of Hebrew.

He has been in and out of the country for years, usually because the
Government and the police just kick him out after a while. Then he
waits a bit, and just returns.

Ernie always bad-mouths Israel, and the Government. Of course, what
would you expect from Elijah? But usually, he just ends up giving the
State, and the true Believers in the Land a black eye. This is

Whenever he is attacked by Believers or brought to accountability, he
automatically gets a severe case of "Persecution Complex." You know,
"great is your reward in heaven, for in the same way they persecuted
the prophets who were before you" sort of thing. About the best thing
you can do is ignore him.

He wrote a letter recently to Prime Minister Barak. In it, he said,

"If you and your government do not obey Elohim's commands
I have given to you and your government, you and all
Israel shall not see any more abundant rain..."

How clever Ernie! You wait until the dead heat of summer hits Israel,
and then you threatens us with no rain! Quite a character, you are.

Well, I got news for Ernie and Jim and the rest of those who seem to be
attracted to and listen to every false prophet hiding behind the bus

"We are not going to get any elephants either, this summer."

Ernie... go take a cold shower, and then please... go visit your travel
agent and buy a one-way ticket to leave Israel.

Shabbat Shalom,

Uri Marcus
The Nehemiah Trustees Covenant Fund
July 14, 1999

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