A Discussion on "The One True Faith"


NOTE TO READERS: This is a response I gave to someone replying to what the "one true faith" is. His response to solve all this was to "Go into the wilderness(alone) get out of the whore system(man's churches)allow Him to teach you and we will all become ONE!!" I think he doesn't understand true unity. Mr. Dolphin is a member of a non-denominational church. That is where he feels comfortable worshiping; I, on the other hand, am Baptist, because I agree with the main Baptist views. It is all a matter of what YOU think is closest to the Bible. The main thing is that you pray about where you should go. Recently in our church our pastor, my uncle, left. I seriously considered visiting around. I've seen some problems within the church and I just got discouraged. I went to a VBS commencement the Sunday night after our pastor left because my sister had attended the church's VBS. That Wednesday night, I attended a different church to see a seminar on "Revelation." The next Sunday I stayed home sick! I think God was trying to show me how much I really did care about my current church (Smyrna Baptist) after all. I have opportunities every once in a while, to teach Sunday School. I feel this is the place where I can grow in Christ the most! That is what a good church should do: Be a place of WORSHIP to God & EDIFY (STRENGTHEN) the body of believers. I pray that you have a solid, Biblical church to attend.


The main issue you raised is the same one Roman Catholics believe, that man-made denominations are corrupt. The disagreement there is that they feel that their church is the only pure church. They claim that God doesn't want divisions. That is true, but what kind of unity do they look for?

It is a common misrepresentation to believe God wants unity of denominations. Although a part of different denominations, I have know many people people that are spiritually united. The main issue is adherence to the Bible. I have no problem with denominations that preach & teach the main points of the Gospel.

It is our responsibility to find a church/denomination which we feel adheres closely to the true Doctrines of the Bible. For me, it is the Baptist faith. I feel that Baptists are sound in their theology and Biblical interpretation. The main truth is that we do need guidance and people to teach us. We need not to regard teachers as infallible, though. The Bible specifically mentions the spiritual gifts, which include teachers, pastor-teachers, etc. It is the Pastor's job to edify his body of believers. That is his God-given gift.

Man has made denominations, true, but the Doctrines taught and preached are from God above. I believe you should worship where you feel comfortable. It is important to recognize the underlying unity found in Protestant denominations: Christ is the person who saves, and it is by grace alone, through faith in Him that we are saved. The Bible is the only rule for faith and practice, and He alone deserves to be praised. That is the underlying unity found in the Protestant churches. The One TRUE Faith can be represented in many different packages.


Kenny Wells
July 9, 1998

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