Ted keeps his eyes on things!

Ted's Art Gallery

Bombay December 1970

Speaking to the girls at Vemilla Girls' School, Kerala, South India, 1970


Ted with Friend, December 1971

Ted Uncovers Sinister Plot to Replace Prince Charles as the Antichrist

Old friend of Ted's Now on Tour!

Our under cover reporter has smuggled out this secret photo of another
septuagenarian astronaut slated to ride the Shuttle with John Glenn. This
mystery astronaut is rumored to be the payload master for time and space
experiments. . . mostly in charge of "are we there, yet?"

Some of my friends are of dubious character

"I believe Ray Stedman used to say that
there was more fellowship in the average bar
than in most churches today?"


Y2K is Coming Soon!

St. Bruce of the Power Pole

Visiting the Famous Artist aboard the Nautus



Dr. Wise recently moved to Pasadena.
He reports smog levels are indeed very high in the entire Lala Land Basin
(August 2001)