PBC Forum Class Schedule Winter 2004-2005

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Through the Clean Pages of the Bible

New Testament Prophecy

 #  Date  Title  Scriptures  Notes  Audio mp3
 1  November 28 The Rapture of the Church  1 Thess. 4, 2 Cor. 5, 1 Cor. 15  rapture.html  rapture.mp3
 2  December 5  The Man of Sin Revealed  2 Thess 1-2  manofsin.html  manofsin.mp3
 3  December 12  Olivet Discourse I  Matthew 23
Matthew 24-25
 4  December 19  Olivet Discourse II Matthew 24-25 olivet02.html  olivet02.mp3
 5  January 2   Olivet Discourse III  Matthew 24-25  olivet03.html  olivet03.mp3
 6  January 9  Olivet Discourse III Matthew 24-25 olivet03.html  olivet04.mp3
 7  January 16  Jesus as Judge of All   John 5  judge01.html  judge01.mp3
 8  January 23  The Judgments of God Various   judge02.html  judge02.mp3
 9  January 30  The Unveiling of the Lord  Revelation 1  rev01.html  rev01.mp3
 10 February 6  The Seven Churches I   Revelation 2-3  rev02.html  rev02.mp3
 11  February 13  The Seven Churches II Revelation 2-3 rev03.html  rev03.mp3
 12  February 20  The Seven Churches III Revelation 2-3   rev04.html  rev04.mp3
 13  February 27  The Seven Churches IV  Revelation 2-3  rev04.html  rev05.mp3
 14  March 6  The Title Deed Transferred  Revelation 4-5  rev06.html  rev06.mp3
 15  March 13  Glenn Miller Things I am Learning  glenn01.pdf  glenn01.mp3
 16  March 20  The Seven Seals:
The Four Riders of Judgment
  Revelation 6  rev07.html  rev07.mp3
 -  March 27 (Easter)  no class  --  --  --
17  April 3  The Gospel to Jew and Gentile:
The 144,000 and their harvest
Revelation 7  rev08.html  rev08.mp3
 18  April 10  Seventh Seal:
The Seven Trumpets
 Revelation 8-9  rev09.html  rev09.mp3
 19  April 17  Interlude I   Revelation 10-11  rev10.html rev10.mp3
20  April 24  War in Heaven  Revelation 12-13  
21  May 1 Interlude II Revelation 14-16 rev12.html  rev12.mp3 
 22   May 8   Seven Bowls of Wrath   Revelation 16 rev13.html  rev13.mp3
 22  May 15  The Dragon Lady:
Mystery Babylon
 Revelation 17-18 rev14.html  rev14.mp3 
23  May 22  The Return of the King  Revelation 19-20   rev15.html  rev15.mp3 
 24  May 29   Our Long Eternal Future Revelation 21-22 rev16.html  rev16.mp3 

Newsletter: On Understanding the Book of the Revelation




Charts by Bryce Self November 2006 

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Resources: The DP Bookstore has the following books related to this series. You may wish to order in advance.

1. Thy Kingdom Come by Ron Graff and LD, Introduction to Bible Prophecy, (spiral), $15. Also on line, free, http://www.ldolphin.org/kingdom/index.html

2. Themes of Bible Prophecy, Ray Stedman, book, (spiral) $5.25, 7 messages. Also on line, free, http://ldolphin.org/rayprophecy.html

3. The Olivet Discourse, by Ray Stedman, book, "What on Earth is Happening" $10.25. Also on line , free, http://raystedman.org/olivet/

4. The Thessalonian Letters, by Ray Stedman, book, "Waiting for the Second Coming" $8.25. Also on line, , free, http://raystedman.org/thessalonians/.

5. The Book of the Revelation, by Ray Stedman, book, "God's Final Word" $12.75. Also on line, free, at http://raystedman.org/revelation/

 God is not impressed by our bravado, by our assertions that we have what it takes, by our attempts to face into the wind alone. Heaven does not help those who help themselves; heaven helps the helpless. Heaven helps the man who is crushed in spirit, who is brokenhearted, who is not counting on himself; heaven helps the one who is willing to expose his fears and be what he is--a weak, fragile vessel greatly in need of the power of God in his life. --Ray C. Stedman

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