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As of November 18, 1998.
Title Author Publisher Price
 A Burden Shared (Encouragement for Leaders)  DHR  Discovery House  $9.35
 A Man To Match The Mountain (Models for Men)  DHR  Discovery House  $9.35
Authentic Christianity (II Cor. 3-6) RCS Discovery House $9.35
Behind History (Matthew 13) RCS Discovery Publishing $2.50
Behind Suffering (Job) RCS Discovery Publishing $4.50
Body Life, with Study Guide RCS Discovery House $8.50
Diamonds on Velvet (Word Studies from NT)  RWS  Discovery Publishing  $5.20
 Elijah; A Man Like Us  DHR  Discovery House  $9.35
From Guilt to Glory, (Romans) Vol. I RCS Discovery Publishing $6.75
From Guilt to Glory, (Romans) Vol. II RCS Discovery Publishing $5.95
God's Final Word (Revelation) RCS Discovery House $12.75
God's Loving Word (John) RCS Discovery House $12.75
How to Live What you Believe (Hebrews Series I) RCS Regal Books $7.65
Hebrews (IVP Commentary Series) RCS IV Press $12.75
 Love Story... The Real Thing  RWS  Word Publishing  $2.95
Man of Faith (Abraham) RCS Discovery Publishing $6.50
Power Out Of Weakness (II Corinthians) RCS Discovery Publishing $5.95
Psalm 23; The Song of a Passionate Heart (Paperback)  DHR  Discovery House  $5.00
Psalm 23: The Song of a Passionate Heart (Hardcover)  DHR  Discovery House  $14.50
Psalms of Faith (Various Psalms) RCS Regal Books $5.95
Riches In Christ (Ephesians) RCS Discovery Publishing $7.55
Riches In Christ (Ephesians 1-3)  RCS  Discovery Publishing  $7.55
Secrets of the Spirit (Upper Room Discourse) RCS Discovery Publishing $2.50
Spiritual Warfare (Ephesians 6:10-20) RCS Discovery Publishing $2.50
Talking To My Father (Jesus Teaches on Prayer) RCS Discovery Publishing $9.35
The Beginnings (Genesis 4-11) RCS Discovery Publishing $2.50
 The Law That Sets You Free (James)  DHR  Word Publishing  $2.50
The Queen and I (Esther) RCS Discovery Publishing $2.25
The Ruler Who Serves (Mark 8-16) RCS Discovery Publishing $3.00
The Servant Who Rules (Mark 1-8) RCS Discovery Publishing $8.05
 The Strength of a Man (Encouragement for Today)  DHR  Discovery House  $8.50
Understanding Man (Genesis 2-3) RCS Discovery Publishing $6.20
Waiting for the Second Coming (I, II Thessalonians) RCS Discovery House $7.60
When All Else Falls, Read the Directions (Various) RWS Discovery Publishing $6.60
When The Church Was Young (Acts) RCS Discovery Publishing $8.75
Adventuring Through the Bible (The Entire Bible) RCS  Discovery House $20.00
 PBC CD ROM version 1.0  Various  Discovery Publishing  $15.00
Custance/Dolphin/Temple Mount CD ROM  Various  Koinonia House  $9.95

Note: RCS is Ray C. Stedman. RWS is Robert W. Smith. DHR is David H. Roper.

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Individual tapes of most all PBC sermons (since about 1960) are available. Two 45 minute messages per tape is the usual format. The price is ordinarily $3.00 per tape (or $2.50 per tape for an entire series), plus shipping and handling. A number of special, topical tape albums are also available. Tape subscriptions (3, 6, 9, or 12 months) for ongoing sermon series are also available. See above for CD ROM.

The best way to order tapes is to obtain a free Discovery Publishing Catalog, or use the on-line Composite Index of all Discovery Papers. You may request this catalog by email by sending a request to, or by writing, phoning or FAXing.

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