The Light Papers

The links below will hopefully help users find articles on my web site written since 1995.

What is Light?

Faster than the Speed of Light

God and the Angels

The Origin of the Solar System

Implications of a non-constant Speed of Light

On the Constancy of the Speed of Light

Is the Velocity of Light Constant in Time?

Hanukkah: the Festival of Light

The Vacuum: Much ado About Nothing

Entropy in the Old Creation

The Eye of God

Earth’s Early History

Remote Viewing, Channeling, ESP
--and the Power of God

The Uniqueness of Creation Week

The Ruin of Creation

The Flood of Noah

The New Testament and the Flood

Notes on Genesis One

Physics Problems for Creation Week

Collected Articles on Creation

What Holds the Universe Together


May 22, 2019

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