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The Epistle to the Romans

"I don't know any letter that is more fundamental and foundational than Paul's letter to the Romans. It is unquestionably the greatest of all of Paul's letters and the widest in its scope. It is most intent and penetrating in its insight into the understanding of truth; therefore, it is one of the books of the New Testament that every Christian ought to be thoroughly familiar with. If you haven't mastered the book of Romans and aren't able to think through this book without a Bible before you, then I urge you to set that as your goal. Master the book of Romans -- be so acquainted with it that you can outline it and think of its great themes without a Bible open before you. That requires reading it and studying it and thinking it through in careful detail. I think it is safe to say that Romans probably is the most powerful human document that has ever been penned." -- Ray C. Stedman

 Date  Class  Romans Class Notes  MP3 Audio file
 9/7/03  1  1:1-17  The Road to Real Life  romans1.mp3
 9/14/03  2  1:18-32  Mankind's Downward Spiral  romans2.mp3
 9/21/03  3  2:1-29  Indictment of the Moral and Religious  romans3.mp3
 9/28/03  4  3:1-20  The Universal Human Condition  romans4.mp3
 10/5/03  5  3:21-4:28  Faith and our Father Abraham  romans5.mp3
 10/12/03  6  5:1-26  The Exchanged Life  romans6.mp3
 10/19/03  7  6:1-23  The Choices of a Slave  romans7.mp3
 10/26/03  8  7:1-25  The Road to Wholeness  romans8.mp3
 11/2/03  -

 No Class

 11/9/03  9  8:1-39  Fullness of Life in Christ  romans9.mp3
 11/16/03  10  9:1-33  Has God Failed?  romans10.mp3
 11/23/03  11  10:1-21  The Universal Plan of God  romans11.mp3
 11/30/03  12  11:1-36  The Future of our Planet  romans12.mp3
 12/7/03  13  12:1-21  Living Day by Day  romans13.mp3
 12/14/03  14  13:1-14  Our Relationships with Society  romans14.mp3
 12/21/03  15  14:1-23  Our Relationships with One Another  romans15.mp3

 No Class

 1/4/04  16  15:1-33  Imitators of Christ  romans16.mp3
 1/11/04  17  16:1-27  The Great Mystery  romans17.mp3

Peninsula Bible Church Forum Class | Sundays 9 AM Room D11 Fall 2003 | 3505 Middlefield Road, Palo Alto, CA 94306


Introduction: Our Collapsing Civilization

Chapters 1-8, Francis Schaeffer, The Finished Word of Christ, Crossway Books, Wheaton, 1998 (PBC bookroom)

James M. Boice, Expositional Commentary on Romans, 4 Vols. Baker Books 1992. $18.50 per volume (plus S&H).

Ray C. Stedman, 1975 series on Romans

God is not impressed by our bravado, by our assertions that we have what it takes, by our attempts to face into the wind alone. Heaven does not help those who help themselves; heaven helps the helpless. Heaven helps the man who is crushed in spirit, who is brokenhearted, who is not counting on himself; heaven helps the one who is willing to expose his fears and be what he is--a weak, fragile vessel greatly in need of the power of God in his life. --Ray C. Stedman

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