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An older view of time contrasts time with eternity.
Time is conventional clock-and-calender time: Past, Present, Future,
"eternity" is timelessness., i.e. "no time/"

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Absolute Geocentricity 

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Articles on Creation 

The Electric Universe  

Geologic Ages and Real Time

Issues in Science Today

Software not Hardware

Six Hours in Eternity on The Cross

The Vacuum: Much ado about Nothing

The Other Side of the Vacuum

We live in a time/space/mass continuum.  Time as we know it is measured only because of space and mass.  Mass as we know it certainly cannot exist without space, and if you consider the fact that mass as we know it is dependent upon the movement of atoms, and that is time-related, then mass also cannot exist without the other two:  space and time.  And space? What is interesting is that the common conception of mass is of ‘nothingness,’ whereas space as we know it is jammed full of something called the Zero Point Energy.  There is, quite literally, in our creation no such thing as a physical nothingness.

...The ‘overwhelming evidence’ that the earth is billions of years old lies in a number of faulty dating assumptions and interpretations.  It is assumed the rate of radio decay has remained constant through time.  It hasn’t.  It is assumed that ice core layers are annual.  That is also a faulty assumption.  Judging the past by the present is a trap many have fallen into, despite the clear evidence in the geological layers themselves of several world-wide catastrophes which would have affected climate variations.  The concept of gradualism, in line with a lot of what we see today in terms of change, is a faulty foundation to build on, not only considering the changes we see locally as a result of local catastrophes, but the radical changes we see between basic ‘epochs:’ Archaeozoic to Paleozoic, then Paleozoic to Mesozoic, and, finally Mesozoic to Cenozoic.  Evidence in changes of rock types as well as fossil types are clear evidence of some rather startling changes, the likes of which we have not seen in our time. (Barry Setterfield)


Interstellar: No Time For Caution -- Grissini Project 2015.

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