Index: Sexual Identity and Wholeness in Christ

Keys to the Song of Solomon

Love and Relationships: Song of Solomon

It Takes Three to Tango

Made in the Image of God

The Ruin of Creation

Genders in Heaven

The Fatherhood of God

Yin, Yang, the Tao and Wholeness

The Eight-fold Path of Knowing God

Wholeness of Person

Sexual Politics and Moral Absolutes


Purity of Heart

Circumcision III

Jesus and the homosexual

Questions from High School Students on Sex...

The Root Cause of Violence in Society

Aberrant Sexuality in the Bible

Masturbation and the Bible

The Uroborus Symbol

Jehoshaphat Defeats the Porn Kings 

The Theme of the Great Harlot in Scripture

The Strongholds of Inner Space

Jewish Wedding Traditions

Jesus Christ and the Church

The Ultimate Wedding, by Bill Risk

Jesus and the Homosexual

The Meaning of Sodom

The End of Sex 1

The End of Sex 2

Life in Gay San Francisco

The Consequence Engine


My Childhood Vow

Sex and Worship

Jerusalem, Adulterous Wife Of Yahweh

The Real Jesus

Gender Confusion

The Descendants of Lot

Arrested Emotional Development

Father Wounds

Jezebel and Athaliah

Brokeback Nation

The Carnal Christian


God Saves Adam, God Saves Eve...

The Revirginized Bride

Horizontal and Vertical Salvation

The Great Harlot

The Flesh,The World, and The Devil

Your God is Way Too Small!

The Pure in Heart

Human Sexuality: Christian World View (2009)

The Excluded Ones

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