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Ray C. Stedman was this century's great champion of expository preaching. Rather than topical preaching, which is common in many churches today, Ray believed the "whole counsel of God" was best communicated to God's people by systematically teaching through the entire Bible, usually an entire book at time. This included giving the sense of the passage (Nehemiah 8:8) and its application to contemporary living. In this way the Christian could build up a broad base of Biblical knowledge---since the Bible teaches truth on various topics, "here a little there a little, line upon line, precept upon precept." Ray's sermons were delivered with minimal notes and when transcribed into printed form rarely needed any editing. Ray was always prepared for questions afterwards. It is said that he recommended to young pastors that they spend 20 hours of preparation for a one hour message.

Occasionally Ray would preach on an issue of critical current concern to his audience, or on an issue of basic foundational truth. These topical messages are usually to be found under the category of "Single Messages."

On this page we have attempted to very briefly summarize the overall content of Ray's available messages. A topical index is planned for the near future. A list of email contacts is included at the bottom of this Index.


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Many of Ray Stedman's books and all of his tapes are available from Discovery Publishing. To order Ray Stedman's books and tapes as well as other PBC literature by mail or Fax, contact Discovery Publishing, 3505 Middlefield Road, Palo Alto, California 94306. Office Hours, Monday through Friday, 9-5, Pacific Coast time. Phone: (650) 494 0623; FAX: (650) 494-1268. At the present time Discovery Publishing does not have an email order address, however a list of books and an order form is available.You may ask for a catalog (which will be sent to you by regular mail) if you will email us your snail mail address to

Many of us who knew Ray Stedman personally---for years or decades---are familiar with his sermons and their content. We would be happy to respond to your email inquiries by directing you to specific messages by Ray or answering your questions whenever possible.

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