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Jesus is a Single Man Software not Hardware
If the Rapture Happened Today The Judgment Seat of Christ
The Exchanged Life Judgment Seat Part 2
Almighty Father The Seamy Side of Life
Intercessors The Flesh,The World, and The Devil
My Years on Oxycontin  The First Begotten
City Life God is Holy
A City in Space Psalm 45
New Bodies On Knowing God Existentially
Time Warps New Bodies for Old?
When Churches Run on Autopilot False Religion
The Excluded Ones It Takes Three to Tango
Tiers The Seven Churches in New Jerusalem
Portals Riches!
Christ in You Little Children
The Rebellious but Religious The Wife of Jehovah, The Bride of Christ
Arrested Emotional Development On Everlasting Destruction
The Left Behind The Eightfold Way to Knowing God
Circumcision Jesus Plain and Simple
The Triumphal Entry Signs of the Times, or Signs of the End?
God our Healer Isaiah as a Young Man
Logos and Sophia Rapture Shock
The 144k (The one hundred forty four thousand) The Seventy
What in the World is my Conscience? Is God Angry?
Intimacy The Light Papers
Famine in the Land Our Identity in Jesus Christ (Romans)
Jezebel and Athaliah The Royal Road to Wholeness
The Feeding of the Five Thousand The Last Church Before the Rapture
Baptism The Big Burner (Expository Preaching)
Recovery The Wasted Years
Population Decrease Ahead Near Death Experiences
The Nature of the Flesh A Weekend with Jesus
The Great Shepherd Gender Confusion
The Wednesday Brothers of Thunder Wachet Auf (Wake Up)
Prophecy Articles King Ego
Revelation from God? True or False
Born Again and Adopted The Biblically Illiterate Church
The Temple Cleansings Sacrifice Sunday
Coming Soon? (End Time) Churches as Cabals
Treasures The Great Harlot
How Saved are You? Idolatry Notes
The Approaching Time of the End Spiritual Gifts and Body Life
Nations on The World Stage The Assyrian
Upper Room Prayer Cultural Christians
Daniel Notes I The Great Generational Disconnect
Jesus, the Hound of Heaven On Lepers and Virgins
The Consequence Engine Pillars of Fire
Treasures of the House of the Lord Remote Viewing, Channeling, ESP, the Power of God
A Glorious Church Compromised Christians
Denial: Not a River in Egypt Brokeback Nation
The Return of the Landlord Entering God's Rest
Closeted Christians The Debris Fields of Life
A Wedding Invitation from Jesus What's His Name (Jesus)
Two Paradigms City Hall Churches
The One True Paradigm The Left Hand of God
Absolute Geocentricity In the Cross
Six Hours in Eternity on The Cross Major Issues in Science
Visiting Job The Mesa
Invasion Soon The Unfruitful Tree
A Song in the Night The Hidden of the Lord
The Queen of Sheba and Solomon The Revirginized Bride
Three Stewards over God's House: Shebna, Eliakim, Jesus The Gog/Magog Invasion
Come, Sweet Death Hiding in the Rock
The Fear of the LORD God's Land -- God's People
Habakkuk The Remnant
Hide Yourself Amos
What is Money For Anyway? Jesus, Judge of All
Hunkered Down Seek the Things that Are Above
Hebrews: 12 audio classes The Message
Flu Data Incarcerated
Earth's Near Term Future The Great Shaking
The Beast in the Basement The Antichrist: Coming Leader of the World
When a Nation Dies Strike the Shepherd
Notes on Repentance Repentance
Let Us Pray The "I Am god" Problem
Creation Papers The Terror of the Lord
The One Human Race Israel My Glory (Aliyah)
The Fear of the Lord Christ in You
The Eightfold Way to Knowing God Entering God's Sabbath Rest
Christianity Without Christ Jesus, Judge of All
The Carnal Christian The Revirginized Bride
City Living in New Jerusalem Jesus, the Avenger of Blood
Is God Ruthless? Generational Sin
The Anguish of Adam God and the Lockdown
A Joint in Time and History The Two Churches
Made in the Image of God God's Land - God's People
Index of Articles on Creation Index of Articles on Time
The Elements (stoicheia) II Your God is Way Too Small
The Bema Seat (revised), Part 1 This Was Your Life
Hard Times Elisha and the Four Lepers
The Face of God The Connected People
Glimpses of Jesus The Strongholds of Inner Space
Jesus our Jubilee How Saved Are You?
The Root Cause of Violence in the World Fear!
The End of Sex The Call of Heaven
Zombified Tyre and Sidon
The Antichrist Israel's Covenant With Death
Psalm 73 (audio class) Epistle to the Hebrews (audio class 12 sessions)
Ariel (Isaiah 29) The Management of the Universe
Dry Bones The Great God Self
i am not god Real Life Now
The Conversion of Nebuchadnezzar When a Nation Dies
Caution: History Repeats Itself Belshazzar's Last Meal
Temptation High King Jesus
The Asteroid Apophis Secret Christians
Jesus our Trailblazer Mesa Daze
The Return of Jesus (with Bride) Conformed to Christ
Jesus' Death: Six Hours of Eternity on the Cross Rebuild Babylon?
Yin, Yang, the Tao, and Wholeness Love and Relationships: Song of Solomon
The Times of the Gentiles The Normal Christian Life
Nekrosis and Thanatos (Dying and Death) Mankind's Downward Spiral
New Body Life Christmas 2020
The Fruitful Life Intervention from a Higher Power
The End of Sex as we Know it (Part 2) Bondage!
The Grass is Always Greener... In Canaan Land
Why Do the Nations Rage? The Left Hand of God
The Ten Plagues Jesus: Greater Than Moses
The Ego Papers The Philadelphia Church
My Childhood Vow Disconnected!
John Mark That Last One Percent
Taking God Seriously An End Time Trio: Noah, Daniel, Job
The Death Angel Rapture Prep
God's House The Life of Ezekiel
Dry Bones On Dispensations
The End of Time I Can Not Come to the Banquet (Matthew 22)
Symptoms of a Huge Meltdown The Body of Christ in Perilous Times
No King Jesus the Shepherd-king
Developing Priorities in Life The Worthless Shepherd
Jesus Wept Psalm 44
Body Function Horizontal and Vertical Salvation
Israel's Third and Fourth Future Temples Living Stones
Loose Cannon Teaching and Serving
Fastnesses Sheepherding
Jesus, our Trailblazer How The Body of Christ Functions
Jerusalem, Adulterous Wife Of Yahweh The Real Jesus
No Dads These Days A Grain of Wheat
Living Stones Cosmic History
Babylon Rebuilt How Jesus Saves
Mirrors Martyr
Watch! Stillborn
Temptation House of Cards
On Knowing Jesus Accountable!
Sex and Worship Wholeness of Person
Sissies! World War Three
The Last Supper Gethsemane
The Trial of Jesus Dorian
The Crucifixion of Jesus Ecclesiastes
Motives Matter One New Man!
Jeremiah's Temple Sermon Catharsis!
Elieazer Jesus Savior
Heavens The Plight of the Homeless -- The Plight of the Rich
God Saves Adam, God Saves Eve... Now!
Vibes! Thy Kingdom Come
Calamity Howler Guilty!
The Last Judgment The Two Nimrods
Behold the Messiah Two Cities
What a Friend Jesus, Our Great High Priest
Connections The Meaning of Sodom and Gomorrah
What is Man? Wheels
Exodus 2020 The Quickening
Projection Masks
Jacob's Crisis The Called Out
Crackpots The Pure in Heart
Jeremiah in Stocks By What Authority?
In the Wilderness Citizens of New Jerusalem
Rain! Balaam
The Choirs of Heaven Forwarding!
East / West Red Sea Crossing
The Great Uncovering Jesus, Lord of the Dance
Space-Time Bubbles Real Life
Momentary Light Affliction Counterfeit gods; Fake Christs
The Winepress At The Gate
Genesis Again Fess Up
Order out of Chaos The Exodus Papers
Jericho The Fiftieth Generation
The Brass Serpent The Dry Tree
Achan and Ai Last Will and Testament of Jesus
Genders in Heaven Wheat and Tares
Hosea The Bema Starts Now
Pilgrims Revival? No!
One Way! The Body of Christ in Perilous Times
Psalm 77: Out of Deep Distress The Hallal Psalms
L-O-S-T The Dark Side
Wisdom True and False Psalm 18
Screws are Being Tightened The Crossed-Out Ones
Eight Thousand Million People On Covetousness and Lust
Role Models Avatars and the Metaverse
Family Trees Man Up!
The Credentials of Jesus All the Nations
Lamentations Jesus the Sin Bearer
The Creation Trio Healings
Disciples Isaiah 64: Rend the Heavens
Discipline Two Joints in Time
Fake Med Distress of Nations
Christmas 2021 Psalm 89
The Excluded Ones Children, Young Men, Fathers
Romans Seven The Sperm of God
Christmas 2021 A Nation Self Destructs
Apostasy Samson
The Letter to the Romans (audio plus notes) The Awakening from the Dead
Marriage Then and Now Wedding Garments
A Bird's Eye View Hannah
Haggai: Ready to Rebuild Ezra: The Grand Restoration
Hunkering Down Accountable!
The Fiftieth Generation (revised) Deposed: False Shepherds, False Teachers
The Power of the Tongue Rewards
Red Flag: The Flesh Accountable!
Wisdom True and False All the Nations
Pressure Cooker Living Entitled
Canticles (Song of Solomon) Lovers of Pleasure
Projection Royal Priests
The Holy or the Profane? Running the Race
Sunrise! All Pray
Joel Disqualified!
Malachi Forum Class Bible Studies
American Baal Psalm 37
Authorities The Great Shaking
Gideon The Speed of Dark
End of a Nation? The Dark Bubble
Running on Empty Daniel Papers
The Great House Hierarchy in New Jerusalem
Seek the Things Above The Book of Life
The Missing Body of Christ Intimacy (revised)
Orbiters In the Driver's Seat
Time Travel Impending Distress
Wisdom's Works Is The Rapture on Hold?
Fake Med The Lord Who Heals
The Embedded Church Twelve Gates
Lodestar The Eightfold Way to Knowing God
The King is Calling Roots!
Music of the Spheres Correcting the Dates
Personalized Salvation Circumcision III
The Center of the Earth The Pillars of the Universe
The Two Nimrods Chicken Little
Waterless Places (Matthew 12) The Descent to Hades
Abraham God and Ancient China
My Father's House Intro to Romans
Jesus Trains Disciples (Luke 12) Drill Down
God is Personal Daniel, Noah and Job
The Apocalypse Strike the Shepherd
Daniel in the Lions' Den Aspects of the Return of Jesus
False Messiahs, Antichrists, and Modern Caesars The Covenants of God
Green Pastures Glimpses of God
The Ego Papers Existential Despair
The Beast in the Basement Libido
The Will of God Jerusalem: Adulterous Wife
Jesus, the Great Shepherd Psalm 22
Mirrors New Jerusalem City Limits
The Power of God the Father Rolling Home
Jehu Then Came Amalek: The Flesh
The Deepest Bond Prodigal
Judah Diotrophes
Brokeback Nation The Consequence Engine
Sunset in the West The Overcomers
The Final Redemption Man of Sorrows
Two Goats The Fire Next Time
The Way of the Cross On Everlasting Destruction
Mixed Marriage Ruthless Judgment Ahead
When a Nation Dies Intercessors
Jesus our Great High Priest A Work in Progress
Is God Angry? Repent or Perish
The Coming Wrath God Speaks
The Rapture: Joint in Time The Wasted Years
Jonah The Content of the Gospel
Esther God is Way More Personal than you Think
Inflation Ahead Crisis Management
How Odd of God! God's Servants: The Prophets
Obadiah The Restrainer
God is way more Personal... Covid Notes
Kept! The Fathers Papers
Fear Not! Three Psalms: 102, 103, 104
Momentary Light Affliction The Resurrection Body
Jesus our Healer King Asa
Population and Memory Loss (Steve Campbell) He Gives to His Beloved Sleep
Deliberate Sin (Revised) City Living in New Jerusalem
The Conquest of Inner Space Seven Years in New Jerusalem
Treasures (Revised) Acting Out
Lost and Found The Limits of Science
Biblically Illiterate Fastnesses
Living Stones A Glorious Church
The Ruthlessness of God Wisdom's Works
The Ego Papers Malachi
What Holds the Universe Together? Correcting the Dates
The Two Nimrods Trees Series
Lepers and Virgins Martyr
The Holy City The Near Future of Planet Earth
Unmasking the Flesh The Last Judgment
The Two Nimrods Salt and Light
Forwarding Address? Love Not the World
Families The Final Exodus
The Credentials of Jesus The Toledot of Judah: Genesis 38
On Selling Cattle What is Clothing For?
The Rapture Joint in Time Waterless Places
Jesus Trains Disciples Disconnected
New Jerusalem and the Rapture A Radical Rapture
Inflation! God's House
A Radical Rapture Wholeness of Person
The Book of Ezra Calamity Howler
Now Saved are You? Libido
The Fall of the Angels Absolute Geocentricity
The Crossed Out Ones Zombified
Mirrors New Body Life
The Wasted Years Water
Christ in You Jehoshaphat Defeats the Porn Kings
New Jerusalem our Rapture Home Edom
The Hallel Psalms Treasures of the Jewish Temples
Atavars and the Metaverse The Entitled
The Left Hand of God Zechariah
Dress Rehearsal The Pillars of the Universe
Jesus our Great High Priest The Ultimate Reality
Marriage Archetypes Wedding Garments
The Descendants of Lot Rapture Resources
Little Children New Jerusalem: Our Post Rapture Home
The Irresistible Rapture Sunrise!
The Crossed Out Ones The Content of the Gospel
Discipleship Do Not Love the World
Red Flag! The Flesh. God is Holy
Accountable! Christmas Papers 2022
The Approaching Time of the End Hannah and Mary: The Magnificat
The Eightfold Way to Knowing God Made in the Image of God
The Ruin of Creation God and the Angels
The Absolutes of God (Ephesians 5) The Big Bang Never Happened
Samson The Rapture will be Irresistible
Ezekiel and the Destruction of Jerusalem Jehoshaphat Defeats the Porn Kings
Corporate Prayer is not an Option The Book of Life
Pilgrims On Selling Cattle
The Unprofitable Servant (Luke 17) Daniel, Noah, and Job
The Deepest Bond Temptation
No Other Name Rapture Shock (revised)
Psalm 11 Symptoms of a Huge Meltdown
Lost and Found The Church Papers
Spiritual Gifts and Body Life Christ Lay in the Bonds of Death
The Credentials of Jesus It Takes Three to Tango
Circumcision and Purity of Heart The Great Supper (Luke 14)
The Big Bang Never Happened (Barry Setterfield) David's Last Psalm (Psalm 18)
Contending! Habakkuk
A Personal God No-Big-Bang Discussion
Personalized Salvation In The Wilderness
Crossing the Red Sea At the Gate (Kadesh Barnea)
The Brass Serpent The Potter and the Clay
Perilous Times Crack Pots
The Lord of the Dance Ignorance is Not Bliss
Two Sexes: Conformed to Christ Lost and Found
The Backside of Love The End: Isaiah 59-66
The Two Churches Remember Mercy!
Athaliah and Jezebel The Grass is Always Greener...
The Excluded Ones God Saves Adam / God Saves Eve
Citizens of Heaven Rolling Home!
Psalm 22 (and Psalm 13) The Father of Lights
The Distress of Nations Zechariah
Joel Come Sweet Death (Bach)
Symptoms of a Huge Meltdown The Revirginized Bride of Jesus Christ
Sleepers Awake (Bach) Intimacy
Apostasy The Book of Job
The Judgment Seat of Christ (3 parts) Software Not Hardware (updated)
Entitled! Intro to Romans
Space-Time Bubbles Man of Sorrows
Disqualified! Self-Destructive Sex
A Song in the Night (revised) The Father of Lights
What is Light? Psalm 104
Profane Hidden Things
There's a War on, Folks Song of Solomon
The Authority of the Word The Epistle of James
HaSatan, the Adversary Temptation
The Money Papers The Exchanged Life (updated)
The Missinbg Body of Christ Momentary Light Affliction
Pilgrims A Tale of Two Cities (Jerusalem)
 The Lord's Hand is not Short---(Isaiah 59) The Speed of Dark
A Weekend with Jesus in Jerusalem Isaiah Chapter One
What in the World is My Conscience? Psalm 22
The Fire Next Time Psalm 1
'Til the End of Time Yin, Yang, the Tao and Wholeness
Full Disclosure Childhood Vows
The Wasted Years My Gilroy Dream
Red Flag The Wedding Feast Parable
New Bodies (updated) Wimps
Paradise Repent!
Famine in the Land! The Revirginized Bride of Christ (Revised)
City Living The One Hundred Forty Four Thosand
The Restitution of All Things Seek the Things that are Above
The Two Churches Shoes
The Two Trees The Dry Tree
Jesus is Still a Single Man Celebrate Recovery
Accountable The Backside of Love
Bodily Functioning Wisdom's Works
Salt and Light Accidents and Disasters. Does God Care?
Not a Chance! Brokeback Nation
The Limits of Science What is Revelation from God?
The Sabbath Rest Hannah
The Gold Standard The Quickening
If the Rapture Happened Today On the Great Flood of Noah
Libido Temptation
Entropy in the Old Creation The New Creation
Disconnected! Repent or Perish
Samson the Last of the Judges The Parables of Jesus
Dying to Live One Way Home
Wake Up God! Eliezer
Cultural Christians The Book of Romans
Commonwealth in Heaven The Temple of the LORD...
Lodestar Running with Horses
The Great Harlot The Entitled
The Legacy of Perez The Prodigal Son
A Radical Rapture Money, Riches, Recession
Sunset in the West Intercessors
Pilgrims Pots, Potters and Clay
Distress of Nations Does God need a Temple?
Thy Kingdom Come (Online Prophecy Book) Jesus Now!
Habakkuk Jesus: Eternal God.
The Names of God The Root Cause of Violence and Wars
World War Three The Last One Percent
Fess Up Solomon and the Queen of Sheba
The Speed of Dark Genders in Heaven
The Great Polarization Pillars of Fire
The Big Bang Never Happened (Barry Setterfield) The City of God
Denial is Not a River in Egypt Sunrise!
All Together Now! God and His Angels
Repent! The Names of God
Israel's Future Kings All Togther Now
The Last Judgemnt (The Great White Throne) The Judgment Seat of Christ (bema)
Bodily Functionig New Body Life
In the Driver's Seat Full Disclosure
Arrested Emotional Development (AED) Libido
Dumbing Down Temptation
My Wasted Years Chicken Little
Tribulating False Messiahs
When a Nation Self Destructs Hard Times
Israel and All the Nations Israel's Covenant with Sheol
Jesus Now Amos
Hosea Spiritual Warfare
Time and the Book of Revelation The Olden Days
Perilous Times Seasons of Sress
A City in Space Hard Times
Evangelism and the Content of the Gospel Little Children
Brief History and Final Destiny of Edom Jacob's Crisis at Peniel
Cultural Christians Closeted Christians
Carnal Christisans The Lord Who Heals
Entitled The Managment of the Universe
Forwarding Address? Rapture Resources
The Absolutes of God Paint or Get Off the Ladder
False Messiahs, Antichrists and Modern Caesers The Father of Lights
Ezekiel and the Destruction of Jerusalem Jehoshaphat Defeats the Pornkings
The Dry Tree Existential Despair
Man as a Tree Pots, Potters, and Clay
Wisdom's Works Behold the Messiah
Malachi The Treasures of the House of the Lord
The Revirginized Bride of Christ The Excluded Ones
The Pure in Heart The Olden Days
Romans (all) The Hallal Psalms
Absolute Geocentricity Treasures on Earth / Treasures in Heaven
Correcting the Dates Mysteries in the Bible
The Underrowers Pilgrims
Towering Pride Jonah
The Assyrian Israel's Covenant with Death
Israel's Next King(s) "Israel My Glory" (Aliyah)
Micah Mirrors
Progress? Am Ysrael Chaåi
Entropy in the Old Creation Gideon
The Complexity of the Genetic Code Psalm 139
Entropy and the Internet Jesus the Avenger of Blood
The Excluded Ones Conscience
The Flesh, the World and the Devil Unmasking Flesh
Tribulating Leadership by Committee
Rooms in God's House Zombified
The Hidden of the Lord Seven Things God Hates
Social Entropy Progress?
What holds the Universe Together? Balaam
The Elements of the World System The 144,000
Rule by Committee Jonah
Teach me to Number my Nanoseconds Three Stewards over God's House
Jesus is still a Single Man The Eightfold Way of Knowing Jesus Christ
The Root Cause of War The Fire Next Time
Til the End of Time The Uniqueness of Creation Week
Manesseh Israel's Vindication
Biblically Illiterate Times Intimacy
Projection Hosea
Heavenly Daze The Will of God
Zechariah 12-14 I AM who I AM
What a Friend we have in Jesus Sissies
Salt and Light No King in the Land
Software not Hardware The Beginning of Everything
New Body Life Towering Pride
Do Not Love the World I AM who I Am
Repentance Papers on Daniel
Trail Blazer What's Coming Down? (Prophecy)
The Letter to the Hebrews Resources The Time of the End--Daniel 11
Chastening (1 Peter) On Preaching and Teaching
World War 3 Personalzed Salvation
The Face of God High King of Heaven
The Solid Rock A Grand Chronology
Christmas 2023 All of Romans




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For more information on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, research concerning the location of the First and Second Temples and recent developments there see our separate web site. Maps and history of Jerusalem are brought up to date with MP3 lectures by leading scholars and research papers concerning the location of the Jewish Temples and plans for a Third Temple. Developed with the help of Mike Kollen, Jim Milligan and Norma Robertson.

Early History of the Temple Mount

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Old Favorite Articles (1995-2017)

Made in the Image of God The Uniqueness of Creation Week
The Fall of Man The Ruin of Creation
Yin, Yang, the Tao, and Wholeness New Bodies for Old
The Coming Exile in Edom Denial, Not a River in Egypt
The Great Harlot Accidents and Disasters, Does God Care?
Accidents and Disasters, Does God Care? Shebna, Eliakim and Jesus
Shebna, Eliakim and Jesus "After the Flood" by Bill Cooper
Deliberate Sin The Uniqueness of Creation Week
Daniel, Noah, and Job Relax, The End is Near
No Such Thing as Chance Love and Relationships: Song of Solomon
The Return of Jesus Power, Glory and Splendor Prayer 101
The Man of Sin Revealed Time and Eternity
New Testament Prophecy Series 42 Creation Articles
What is Light The Eye of God: Ojo de Dios
Our Collapsing Civilization Paint or Get Off the Ladder
The Coming Cosmic Shakedown Election: Has God Failed?
God and the Angels The Church at the End of the Age...
God's Rule by Means of the Angels Jehoshapthat Defeats the Porn Kings
THE Angel 0f the Lord Ezekiel and the Destruction of Jerusalem
Jesus, the Breaker The Descendents of Lot
Why A Timothy? Matters of Death and Life
Rediscovering the Body of Christ, Part 1 Jesus' Death: Six Hours of Eternity on the Cross
Rediscovering the Body of Christ, Part 2 The "Day of the Lord"
Israel, The Key to World Peace Who Owns Jerusalem
Israel's Birth Pangs Love and Relationships
World Population Since Creation Keys to the Song of Solonon
Corporate Prayer is not an Option The Underrowers
My People Perish: The Biblically Illiterate Church Original Sin
The Consequence Engine The Names of God
Daniel to Malachi Series New Testament Prophecy Series
How God Saves God's Long Term Purpose for Israel
Jesus as the Greater Moses Israel is the Key to World Peace
Trips to Mexico (Discovery International) Ted Wise and Lambert Dolphin Visit India
Geophsical Explorations in Egypt Geophyscial Exploration in Israel
Geophysics and the Temple Mount War and Violence
False Messiahs, Antichrists and Modern Caesars The Ruthlessness of God
The Pilgrim Journey, Entering God's Rest The Content of the Gospel
Idolatry Notes Jesus, Greater than Moses
Jesus is Courting a Bride The Return of the Landlord
Love Your Enemies The Faithfulness of God
What is the Human Condition? The Day of the Lord
The Rapture and the Second Coming The Day of Man and the Day of the Lord
Unmasking the Flesh Favorite Quotations
The Eightfold Way to Knowing God The Sabbath Rest
Dynamic Salvation Jesus, Judge of All
The Ruthlessness of God Cole Porter: What is this Thing Called Love?
Certain Inalienable Rights... The Consequence Engine
The Rogue River Fellowship Archives Pornography and the Church
The Concept of the Remnant One Flesh, One Soul, One Spirit
Christian Internet Apologetics (1998) Human Sexuality from a Biblical World View
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L Dolphin, Prop.

“Now thanks be to God who always leads us in triumph in Christ,
and through us diffuses the fragrance of His knowledge in every place.

For we are to God the fragrance of Christ among those who are being saved
and among those who arein perishing.
To the one we are the aroma of death leading to death,
and to the other the aroma of life leading to life.
And who issufficient for these things?

 For we are not, as so many, peddling the word of God;
but as of sincerity, but as from God,
we speak in the sight of God in Christ.“
(2 Corinthians 2:14-17) 


"For we ourselves were once foolish, disobedient, led astray, slaves to various passions and pleasures, passing our days in malice and envy, hated by men and hating one another; but when the goodness and loving kindness of God our Savior appeared, he saved us, not because of deeds done by us in righteousness, but in virtue of his own mercy, by the washing of regeneration and renewal in the Holy Spirit, which he poured out upon us richly through Jesus Christ our Savior, so that we might be justified by his grace and become heirs in hope of eternal life." (Titus 3:3-7)

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